Want to be a Product Tester?

I'm looking for new testers for future products! If you are interested, please fill out the application below. I will be picking a handful of people from the applications to be adding to my testers group. If you are picked, I will let you know via email.

How the testing system works:
  • I will send out an email requesting testers for a particular product, with information and requirements for that round of testing.
  • If you reply that you are interested in testing for that round, we will set up a time/way for you to receive the product.
  • Some products will be capped at a certain number of testers. If this is the case, I will state it in the call for testers and testers for that product will be on a first come, first served basis.
  • At this time, you must be local to Bumblewood to be a tester (Bakersfield, CA).
  • Must have an email address that you check often. This is the main way I will keep in touch with you.
  • Testers that do not participate in 3 consecutive product tests will be removed from the testing group. You may reapply at any time.
  • Filling out the application does not guarantee acceptance to be a tester.

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