What's Next - The Big Adventure

Over the past few years my husband, Ben, and I have had conversations like, "someday we want to travel the US",  "someday when we have land...", and other "somedays".

As our kids have gotten older (the oldest are almost 11!), and we've gotten older, and we have felt time slipping away from us... We've realized that someday is only going to happen if we make it. We only have this one life. 

To make a very long and complicated story short, we have decided to seize this life with both hands and LIVE the life we want to live. My husband has poured countless hours into jobs that have taken his soul, we've put off and delayed doing things we've wanted to do because of work with no results other than exhaustion and frustration, we've been met with regulations and steep prices here for what we want to do, and we want to make healthier, happier choices for our family. 

We want to travel and explore, we want to spend more time with each other, we want to be more intentional, we want to have our little farm we've always dreamed of!

WE ARE DOING IT! We're jumping off with both feet. We have spent the past 9 months getting ready, buying a trailer, prepping our house. We're selling our home, most of our belongings, packing our family up into a trailer and will be spending the next year-ish traveling the US exploring, having fun, and searching for our new home. 

It's all so crazy and exciting and terrifying all at the same time! But we know deep in our hearts that this is the best decision we have ever made for our family. 

What does that mean for Bumblewood? 

Well, sadly, this isn't a venture I can do on the road as we travel full time. So Bumblewood will be going on a prolonged hiatus as we travel. 

The plan is to travel for about a year (maybe a bit longer), find our new home, and once we land and get settled, I will start it back up again. For all my local customers... Don't worry, I ship. ;) 

When are we leaving?
We are getting our house ready and hoping to get it on the market at the beginning of January. If all goes smoothly (and we're crossing our fingers for this), we'll be able to hit the road around the beginning of March. 

What does that mean for RIGHT NOW?

Everything must go! Seriously. EVERYTHING is on sale now to get it cleared out. It can't go with us. This is a great time to stock up! So head on over to the shop to get what you need. ( No codes needed, it's already marked down.)

And for those who want to REALLY stock up (like, for a year's worth of stuff...) I'm taking orders for whole loaves of soap at a discount. Look below for the details on that. 

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who have cheered us on in this adventure with Bumblewood. Thank you for all the support, the love, the orders. I love you, so deeply, and I hope you'll follow along with us on this new journey and join us on the other side. 
We will be sharing our adventure on our YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram, so be sure to follow along and see what we're up to!

Live simply and Bee good to your skin,

Pre-Order Bulk Soaps

If you want to make sure you have Bumblewood goodness all year long as we travel, you can snag a whole loaf of soap at a huge discount! 

Each loaf is 17 bars, and are $110 each (that's about $6.50/bar). I will make them in my main/most popular scents (no limited edition scents, sorry!). You're welcome to order as many as you want, but I need to know NO LATER than January 15th. Pre-orders are for whole loaves only, if you want fewer than 17 bars you'll have to grab them while I have them in stock. 

Reply to this email with your order and I will get with you about payment & details.