BeeLoved Box - Sending Love to Women Who Need It

BeeLoved Box - Love-It-Forward for Women

The BeeLoved Box is all about Love-It-Forward. Have you had the experience of someone sending you a gift, giving you a call, or just wrapping you in a big warm hug when you are in the middle of struggling with life?  We want to make that happen for a beautiful woman you know who might be struggling too. This is our way of giving back and loving on special women who need a little extra boost.

Each quarter, nominations will open for you to tell us all about someone who you think deserves some extra love. Maybe she was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Maybe she's going through a very ugly divorce. Or maybe life is just crazy and chaotic right now and you want her to feel loved. At the end of the nomination month, we'll pick one of the nominees and send them a whole box full of Bumblewood goodies to love on them, pamper them, and give them that big warm hug. If you're not comfortable with them knowing you nominated them, that's ok! There's an option to stay anonymous.

The next nominations will open in July.

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