Who We Are

Bumblewood was born from a desire to give you exactly what you've been looking for - a natural, healthy way to pamper your skin.

From cleaning up after your kids to weeding the garden, scrubbing the kitchen to grocery shopping, you're constantly encountering harsh soaps, cleansers and chemicals. Even just the weather can take its toll. By the end of the day you find yourself with dry, cracked skin complete with irritation and pain. And if you have sensitive skin, commercial soaps and lotions can make it even worse.

I've been there, and I can help you with that. 

Hi, I'm Meg. In 2007, I gave birth to twin boys 3 months earlier than planned. A long stay in the hospital meant a painful dance with the harsh hospital cleansers that we were required to scrub down with at each visit with our babies. By the end of our three month stay my hands were cracked and bleeding, and I found no help from commercial soaps or lotions. In fact, a lot of them made it worse.

That experience began my journey to a natural lifestyle. After a very long and desperate search for some relief, I decided to start making my own products with what made sense: ingredients found in nature. By carefully selecting the ingredients, I finally found that much needed relief to my problems, and I had back the soft, healthy, moisturized skin I had missed so much.

Have you been looking for a natural alternative to a noisy, dirty, chemical laden world? I'd love to help you to not only live simply, healthily and intentionally but to look amazing doing it.

Life doesn't need to be complicated, and neither should your skin care.

If you're ready to get started caring for your skin naturally, you can check out our Best Sellers first.

What our Customers are Saying
"With normal soaps I notice that they can tend to go really fast in a wet steamy environment! But this soap is perfect! It has lasted 5x longer than any soap bar I've ever owned! The scent is two of my favorite combinations and Bumble Wood did a fantastic job capturing both lively lemon and calming lavender! Thank You Bumblewood! I will be getting more!" - Sadie S (Lemon Lavender Soap)

"I love this soap! It's creamy, silky lather feels wonderful in my skin and the scent is nice as well! " - Sonja T 

"A dear cousin gave this to me as a gift. From that moment on I was hooked on Bumblewood! The scent is perfect and not overwhelming. And my lips always feel amazingly hydrated. " - Ashley C (Peppermint Lip Balm) 


Curious about the name?

That's actually a funny story.
We BBQ frequently and have a wood pile on the side of our home. One day when my husband Ben was gathering a few pieces we noticed large holes that bumble bees had drilled into the wood for their home. Being the dorky woman I am, I said "Oh, it's a piece of Bumblewood!". That name stuck so heavily into my head, and when it was time to name the business I knew it couldn't be named anything else!