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Seeing everything "Sold Out"? It will be back soon! 

We do "restocks", where all of our items from each production cycle become available all at once at a certain time on Restock Days. Once the items are live, you will be able to shop! If you see "Sold Out" on an item, that means that item is out of stock and will not be available until the next Restock Day.
We make our soaps & skin care products by hand in small batches, and each soap takes 4-6 weeks to air cure. This process ensures you receive a hard, long-lasting, bubbly, luxurious bar of soap. Then we lovingly bevel and label each bar, create and package up our skin care items, and get each item ready to make it's way to you. It's a process that takes time, but we feel they're worth the wait. ;)